Australia & New Zealand to PNG & Solomon Islands-Bunker Adjustment Factor

October 2, 2019

Further to the announcement last month, Swire Shipping continues to take steps to ensure that the vessels we operate will be fully compliant with IMO2020 regulations. As part of this changeover, Swire Shipping now has increased requirements for the more expensive IMO2020 compliant fuel types.

As a result, Swire Shipping wishes to advise that the Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) applicable on all Northbound cargo from Australia and New Zealand to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands and Southbound cargo from Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands to Australia has been revised as outlined below.

Revised BAF levels as follows:

USD 791.00 per TEU

USD 1,582.00 per FEU

USD 39.60 per r/t

Effective vessel / voyages:


Morobe Chief V.1935N

Shansi V.1918N


RHL Aurora V.1933S

For further information on this notice, and further detail on upcoming IMO2020 regulations, please do not hesitate to contact your local Swire Shipping representative.